About Us

As part of Elyon Group of companies, Elyon Fashion is a full beauty company that share a passion to create a collection of dresses, necklace, bracelet, and wide range of uniquely colorful African print wear based in Sweden.

Founded in 2021 its supply chain has seen many patronized African fashion products around Europe and beyond. Elyon Fashion seeks to showcase African products to the fashion industry in the world.

Its ecommerce platform (online store) will offer a wide range of African fashion products for a young age to adult with a payment platform where you can order what you want.

It is founded by Bernice Nyamikye in 2016 and has since supplied the products to many interested folks across the world.


Since 2017

Since 2016 we have delivered on our promise


We’re super proud of our diverse range of products.

All Countries

Our products have reach many people around the world..

Of course, you could move or stand in a long cue at the boutiqe in distress with face mask, or visit our online shop at a click of a button and you have your item.